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The Truth About Funemployment

I’m going to get a little personal today! I mentioned it last week, but I am officially ending my funemployment! The truth is, the idea of funemployment sounds like fun, but it’s not for everyone. It’s also not very much fun if there’s no end in sight. Being someone who relishes planning holiday activities to the hour,…… Continue reading The Truth About Funemployment


Wanderlust Wednesday: Real Life Amazing Race

“The Amazing Race” is one of my favorite reality TV shows – I love the travel adventures and the way the show integrates local culture into the challenges. I recently came across Jubel, a travel company looking to replicate the Amazing Race experience. My boyfriend and I have talked about our hypothetical success on the show…… Continue reading Wanderlust Wednesday: Real Life Amazing Race


Commuting in Singapore – Podcast Edition

Singapore has extremely efficient public transportation and I wind up taking the subway or bus to most places. Right now as I’m interviewing (yay, funemployment), I end up traveling to different parts of Singapore on a weekly basis, and sometimes travel quite far to get there. To keep myself entertained, I’ve been listening to a lot…… Continue reading Commuting in Singapore – Podcast Edition