After Hours Kind of Library

I always love a good speakeasy bar. The mystery, the throwback to prohibition, and the funky cocktails. The Library on Keong Saik Road checks all of those boxes.

To enter, you’ll enter a shopfront that looks like they’re selling various teas. This mysterious tea shop has a very buff bouncer because… you know, teas are valuable. Make sure you check the Facebook page to get the password to enter!

2017.05.15_Library (1)

After the main door, there’s an entryway with mirrored walls and ceilings to transition you into the actual bar. It’s a little jarring and it feels like a panic room. The bar itself is a moody and dark room decorated with books and shelves. It’s a relaxing environment and the crowd is lively and fun.

True to its speakeasy nature, the cocktail menu is very secretive. Lean as close as you can to the red lamp provided by the waitress to decode the menu. The drinks come in various containers, including a teeny tiny bathtub with a small rubber ducky.

We had a sharing pitcher, which came in an olive oil decanter and craisin chasers. This was fun, but this isn’t my drink of choice. We thought this would be cost effective, but I think we all would have enjoyed ourselves more if we picked our own drinks.

Keong Saik Road is very trendy these days, and the New York Times also listed it as a place to check out! The Library isn’t the only speakeasy you’ll find in hipster Keong Saik Road, but it’s a fun one! This is a good place to grab a drink and catch up with friends in a fun, cozy environment.

The Library
47-49 Keong Saik Road


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