Man Man Unagi

Man Man Unagi has a ridiculous line that starts right before 6pm, when the restaurant opens. From what I read online, on average, you can expect to wait around 2 hours before getting a table (30 minutes for a weekday lunch). So is it worth the wait?

I think so! This unagi set was delicious! You can taste the smokiness in the eel and everything is very fresh. Right when you walk in the door, you’ll see the tank for the live eels (apparently flown in from Japan). If you’re lucky enough to sit at the counter, you can watch skilled chefs wrangle the live eels and grill it on top of charcoal. For the wasabi, you’re given the head of a radish and a grater so you have to work for fresh wasabi.

2017.05.15_Man Man (2)

We sat at the counter and watched the show. I’ll be honest, I was a little disturbed at first, but it was pretty impressive. We watched the chef move in a steady and practiced rhythm. He was able to slice, clean, and spear a batch of 4 fish in a matter of minutes. Being the consultants/bankers our group was comprised of, we all came up with our own estimates of how many eels they go through per day. I won’t even bother telling you our methods because we ended up asking the waitress. The restaurant goes through ~130kg of eels every day, which equates to ~650 eels per day. Business must be good 🙂

It’s a tight fit, but the restaurant can hold around 50 customers, which is why the line can get so ridiculous. Everything about the restaurant feels very authentic, including the 4 different sauces / spices you can try on your dish.

All in all, Man Man Unagi lives up to the line and the hype. Albeit, I may not be a frequent visitor because of the long line. It’s also quite a heavy meal and on the pricey side too  (the small bowl is ~$26). I would recommend going here for your unagi cravings. They have a few other dishes here, but unagi is their breadwinner – why deviate from the tried and true?

Let me know if you’ve been here or if you’d like to try out Man Man!

Man Man Unagi
1 Keong Saik Road


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