Bao Makers

We’ve been trying out a lot of new restaurants in the Jalan Besar area – there are so many new options! This week, we tried Bao Makers.

2017.05.11_Bao Makers (7)

So as the name suggests… Bao Makers focus on mantou baos with various fillings. There are 6 filling options and we chose the chili crab and salted egg prawn options. The baos come deep fried or steamed. We prefer the fried ones, which aren’t as dry.

The chili crab bao was pretty good, but not what I expected. I imagined something a little creamier per the standard chili crab sauce. Still good, but not my favorite. I thought the salted egg yolk was perfect. Even though the steamed buns were a little drier, the creamy sauce made it all balance out.

Beyond the baos, the menu includes quite a few other items such as pasta, rice bowl, and desserts. We tried the truffle fries, which were quite tasty. I was a little disappointed because the menu had called out “shoe string” fries, but I think these are your normal skinny fries. The Shake Mentaiko was quite tasty as well.

The cafe has a very modern, minimal feel to it and it lives up to the hipster standards of Jalan Besar / Horne Street.

I’ve read a few reviews that Bao Makers is overpriced, but I personally feel the prices are quite decent. The baos are ~$5.8 per bun, which isn’t bad considering the filling of crabs and shrimp. The portions are decently sized and the food is worth the price. These baos reminded the boyfriend and I of our beloved Momofuku pork belly baos in New York, but at a much better price.

The Bao Makers is the quiet little cafe with a niche menu, but it plays well in its niche! It blends cafe style with local flavors and I definitely plan on making this a regular spot.

The Bao Makers
78 Horne Road, Singapore 209078


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