Calling All Game of Thrones Fans

Are there any “Game of Thrones” out there in Singapore? There’s a short term exhibit at the moment and it’s a unique and free (!) exhibit.

The exhibit shows various “Game of Thrones” microsculptures, which I’ve never seen before. The sculptures are so tiny you’re given a magnifying glass to see the sculptures, that are no bigger than 3cm.

2017.05.08_Game of Thrones.JPG

There was an interesting video that showed how the artist, Salavat Fidai, creates the sculptures and the process. It’s so intense. Crazy to think that a sculpture at the top of a pencil took months to plan and create.

For super fans, there is an option to buy some of these micro sculptures. If you have a couple thousand dollars to spare, they’re all yours! The All Men Die micro sculpture, measuring 162mmH x 5mm cost $1325.

The exhibit space is fairly small, but I guess you don’t need a huge space to exhibit pencils. You’ll find the space at Scott’s Square off Orchard Road. Enjoy!


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