Wanderlust Wednesday: Real Life Amazing Race

“The Amazing Race” is one of my favorite reality TV shows – I love the travel adventures and the way the show integrates local culture into the challenges. I recently came across Jubel, a travel company looking to replicate the Amazing Race experience.

My boyfriend and I have talked about our hypothetical success on the show but likely do not have a future on reality television. Jubel could be a fun adventure to try though! The idea of a mystery vacation seems to be a fad and I found a similar service called Pack Up + Go for weekend trips. Do you think you’d try something like this?

How does it work?

  1. Pick your travel theme and geographic region
  2. Complete the survey to ensure the trip is catered to your preferences
  3. Receive a package with your first destination and start your adventure. The next destination and adventure recommendations comes in a sealed envelope

What are travel themes?

There are a number of paths or travel themes that you can pick.

2017.04.18_Amazing Race (1)

I’m a little conflicted here. I’m a super intense planner but also love the idea of the Amazing Race. I’d like to think that try something like Jubel at least once for a wanderlust trip, but I honestly enjoying the planning process just as much as the vacationing!

What are your thoughts? Is this something you’d enjoy or try to use in the future?


4 thoughts on “Wanderlust Wednesday: Real Life Amazing Race

  1. We have also seen and “beta tested” these sites too…but still prefer good old planning by ourselves. It was good to see the suggestions though and that did spark some ideas of our own branching from it.

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