Exploring Sydney

I had previously been to Sydney with my family, and I must say, Sydney has aged quite well in the past 15 years! I have plans to return for a wedding in September, and I have so many more adventures to add to the list in September.

I wandered around with friends and by myself for a few days. Here are my highlights from the trip!

Sydney Opera House

Of course, we had to walk along the water and walked to the Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. We really lucked out with the weather and had a beautiful sunny day! The Opera House looks quite magnificent from afar but as you approach, the tiles actually look like plain white bathroom tiles. The reflection of the sunlight makes the building look much cleaner than it does up close.

St. Mary’s Cathedral

This is a very majestic cathedral and beautiful inside. We walked through Hyde Park to approach the cathedral and it’ was a nice juxtaposition, with the majestic cathedral in the background. You’ll be able to sit in for a service or browse the stained glass windows.

Art Gallery of New South Wales

Considering that this museum has beautiful Cezannes, Picassos, and Van Goghs, it’s amazing that this museum is free! We took this as a little detour as we were exploring the Botanical Garden.

The Rocks

This area is more fun during the weekend because they have a farmer’s market set up outside. Regardless, We stopped by La Renaissance for afternoon tea and it was a good break from a long day of walking.


The name of this area makes me think of kangaroos. Barangaroo is a new hipster area and newly developed commercial area. There are plenty of cute cafes in the area but also a great waterfront park area. You’ll be able to see the Harbour Bridge from the other side and explore the park. There’s an interesting spot called the Cutaway because a wall of rocks and has been cutaway to create a social gathering space with a park built atop.

Sydney Fish Market

I had imagined something similar to Seattle’s Pike Place but the Sydney market looks more like cargo warehouses from the outside. Once you enter it’s a thriving and lively environment. The seafood all tasted very fresh (we only went for cold seafood items and stayed away from the hot dishes) and even tried out the sushi donut. The sushi donut looks cool but you’re purchasing it for the novelty factor so don’t expect remarkable sushi. The fish market is moving soon so visit this spot while you can!

Central Business District

The CBD of Sydney feels very European. We explored and admired the historical buildings before entering the Queen Victoria Building. The QVB is now a shopping mall with all the stores you can think of (including my T2 obsession)


Newtown is a suburb that is a considered up and coming. It’s definitely very hipster and reminds me of parts of Brooklyn. They have started to renovate old buildings and there are a good number of coffee shops, cafes, and pastry shops peppered all over this area. If you take any of the side streets, you’ll see colorful graffiti art. This is a fun place to check out!

There you have it, my short trip to Sydney in a nutshell. Where do you like to visit in Sydney? Any recommendations to add to my September trip bucket list?


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