Favorite Australian Souvenirs

I’m back in sunny Singapore after a quick trip to Australia. My suitcase is full of my goodies from my short trip. What do you think you’ll buy when you take a trip to Australia?

T2 Tea and Teaware

I am obsessed with T2. While I was in Sydney, I stopped by three T2 stores to debate whether or not it was worth it for me to buy the tea for one set (spoiler alert: it was not). T2 has beautiful teaware that looks cute and delicate. Unfortunately it’s on the pricey side. You can also pick up kits to mix your own matcha or a tea maker.

Alternatively, I bought a ton of teabags and loose teas. While you can buy individual boxes, you can also select a package that includes 5 different teas. I chose the Australian version which is a collection of 5 loose leaf teas made with native Australian ingredients. I also highly recommend the French Earl Grey (a touch of fruit in a medium black tea), the Melbourne Breakfast Tea (black tea with strong hint of vanilla), and Gone Surfing (Australian ingredients that tastes flowery and fruity).

Australian Jerky

I picked up some flavored beef jerky at a local farmer’s market but also found jerky from various animals. You’ll easily find emu, kangaroo, and crocodile jerky at most grocery stores and tourist spots. The emu jerky is actually quite good and very tender. Kangaroos are very muscular animals so the texture is a bit tough. Crocodile jerky was a bit flakier and tasted like fishy chicken.

2017.04.06_AU Souvenirs (3)

Lucas’ Papaw

I use this for everything! It’s great for scrapes and chapped lips or anything that feels dry. I dabbed this on a mosquito bite today and it felt tons better. It’s kind of like Vaseline but less oily and smells better. This is available at any pharmacy; the standard price is about $5-6 AUD.

2017.04.06_AU Souvenirs (2)

Duty Free Wine

Australian wine is quite good and I picked up two bottles from the airport before I left. Wineries I look for include: Wolf Blass Grey Label, Tyrells, Wickham Road, and Shaw & Smith.

I’ll admit, Cloudy Bay is actually a New Zealand winery, but it’s one of my favorites and it was much cheaper in Sydney!

2017.04.06_AU Souvenirs.JPG

Home Made Pet Food – Bone Appetit

This is a shameless plug. My friends have their own line of homemade pet treats that they sell at farmer’s markets. I bought some for the family dog and to send to some of my friends in the US. There’s a prettier large variety of treats and the ingredients are seasonal.

2017.04.06_AU Souvenirs (4)
Peanut butter cookies, chicken jerky, and kangaroo jerky

Other goodies:

I didn’t end up purchasing these but I thought about buying…

  • Aesop skin care because it’s cheaper in Australia (it’s a Melbourne brand)
  • Australian honey is considered as strong as New Zealand manuka honey in health benefits
  • Vegemite because it’s about as Australian as you can get!
  • TimTam biscuits are delicious chocolatey goodness in biscuit form


What type of souvenirs are you looking for? I hope this helps if you’re looking to buy goodies for friends and family on your next trip to Australia!


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