How to Pack Like a Pro

Before I moved to Singapore, I worked in management consulting and it required me to travel to the client site every week from Monday through Thursday. I am now a pro at packing my suitcase and regularly packed for my weekly trips in about 15 minutes.

While I was packing for my Australia trip, I thought I’d share some of my packing hacks.

Drawstring bags

These bags are super useful to keep yourself organized. I typically bag up my gym clothes, intimates, and shoes. I also have a standard bag for all my dirty laundry. If you’re concerned about safe, zip lock bags serve the same purpose and keep your items very compact.

2017.04.01_Packing (3)

Keep to a similar color scheme

Pick 3-4 colors and select clothes that can mix and match easily. You won’t have to worry about clashing colors if you change up a shirt selection.

2017.04.01_Packing (4)

Mini toiletries are cuter… and more convenient

It will take about 15 minutes the first time, but once you organize your toiletries into travel size bottles, you’ll save yourself time and space. I typically replenish every 2-3 weeks. I highly recommend checking out Muji. They have a wide range of bottle sizes and types. You may also want to pick up some samples from stores like Kiehl’s, Fresh, or Sephora. These little packets don’t take up too much space and are easily disposable. For perfume, I invest in rollerball packaged perfumes. These are easily accessible at Sephora and very convenient!

Place important items at the top

My toiletries, chargers, and make up sit on top because I’ll likely use them last before packing but also because these are the items I check for before zipping up and heading out. I don’t want to dig through my suitcase right before I leave to check for my phone charger.

2017.04.01_Packing (1)

Use all available space

Stuff your socks inside your running shoes or heels to take advantage of all available space.

Place heavy items at the bottom

This sounds intuitive but I’ve had my suitcase topple over at airports because I didn’t position my running shoes at the bottom and shoved them in last near the top. Usually, I put my shoes in first near the wheels and layer on over that.

Folding vs Rolling

Opinions differ here but I’ll usually just fold my clothes. I agree that rolling yields fewer wrinkles and are more compact. I find the impact pretty minimal and prefer to fold since it’s faster. If I decide to roll, it only applies to my shirts.

Handling delicates

So for the ladies… Bras are stacked and underwear folded. Folded underwear can be placed inside the cups of the bra. The stacked bras are then folded over and placed inside a drawstring bag. This consolidates your space and maintains the shape of your bras

Preventing wrinkles

If I’m traveling for a wedding and have a very wrinkleable item, I lay out a large plastic bag (one of the clear bags from the dry cleaners if possible), lay my clothing over the bag, and fold it as I normally would. The bag avoids most wrinkles. For blazers, flip it inside out before you fold. This prevents wrinkle lines. To keep dress shirt collars stiff, place a belt in the neckline.

Hope you found these tips of the trade helpful. Do you have any packing hacks or tips?


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