Bachelorette Party Planning

I’m the maid of honor for a friend’s wedding and will be flying out for her bachelorette party soon! I’m visiting her in Sydney and then the bachelorette festivities will be on the Gold Coast. I’m excited because it’s been a long time since I was last in Australia. What have you guys done for bachelorette parties in the past?

In talking to friends and attending some bachelorette parties / showers, there’s such a big variety. I talked to my friend and she doesn’t want it to be too crazy just a little wine, fun, and games.

I rounded up a few items for this weekend:

  • Bride and Squad tanks: I plan on being very comfortable on the beach in these tank tops
  • Bride Squad sunglasses: also very beach appropriate
  • Team Bride survival kit: I’m filling this out with aspirin, mints, band aids, and the sunglasses

A part of me thought about ordering these items while I was still in NY… four months before the actual party, but that’s just the planner in me!

I’ve prepared a few games that we’re going to play as well. It will be a group of old friends from high school and we don’t have plans to for it to get too, too out of hand 😉


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