Favorite Thai Souvenirs

My parents lived in Thailand for three years, and during that time, I picked up more than my fair share of Thai souvenirs. Here’s my list of my favorite Thai souvenirs.

Thai Silk

Jim Thompson is a mysterious figure. He is known as the American businessman who revitalized the Thai silk industry. He was an architect, a retired army officer, and CI
A spy. After settling in Thailand and establishing his business, he was declared missing and later presumed dead after a hiking trip. However, his legend lives on in his brand of Thai silk products, that beautifully blends Western contemporary designs with traditional Thai symbols and patterns. There are multiple locations and a great place to pick up elegant ties and beautiful scarves. There is also a great line of household decor.

Photos from Jim Thompson

 Thai Clothing

You can definitely pick up a lot of traditional Thai garb if you want something special to remember your trip. I, however, strongly recommend going a more comfortable route and buying the Thai pajamas pants. These loose-fitting pants are similar to what you change into for a Thai massage. They’re breezy and give off a slight Sinbad vibe. They’re very comfortable and I never want to change out of mine. This gift has been popular with both men and women recipients!

Thai Spices and Food

Have you ever wanted to make amazing Pad Thai or Tom Yum Goong at home? This is a great last minute gift and also a very yummy gift to keep for yourself. There are a number of different types: powdered spices for stir fry, instant curry, and pre-portioned ingredients in a package. You can’t go wrong and they’re all delicious! I also love the crispy Tao Kai Noi seaweed – you can can choose from a large variety of flavors ranging from tom yum, wasabi, to spicy grilled squid. If you’re a fan, don’t miss out on the thousand and one different durian-flavored items. You’ll find snacks, candies, cookies, teas… Anything your heart desires!

Soups and Spa Products

There are a lot of fun and pretty shapes for soaps that are actually quite effective and smells amazing. You’ll find a lot of coconut lotions. Cheap and useful souvenir!

Hope this was helpful and happy shopping!


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