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Breaking Down a Thai Massage

One of  the great things about Thailand is accessibility to massages. My sister and I have experienced some embarrassing moments so I’m hoping to help y’all avoid these situations with a quick overview of Thai Massage.

2017.03.23_What is Thai Massage


2017.03.23_How it works

Be sure to allot enough time. Traditional Thai massages can take up to 2 hours.

Here are my recommendations for where to go. These are tried and true!

  • Asia Herb Association
    This is on the pricey end but quite a luxurious spot. This is popular with Japanese expats.
  • Health Land
    This is very popular chain with fairly reasonable prices. It’s packed every day so call ahead to make reservations.
  • Let’s Relax
    This is a popular chain as well. I’ll be honest, I did not have the greatest experience here. My masseuse was quite rough and seemed inexperienced; I thought it was just my experience, but my mom also felt her masseuse was inexperienced. She previously had a slipped disc and asked to end the massage 10 minutes early because she was concerned about the last couple positions where the masseuse cracks your back. On the plus side, they serve you mango sticky rice after your massage!

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