Live Music at Timbre @ The Art House

What’s your idea of a casual Saturday night out? We decided to trek out to Boat Quay to hang out at Timbre and listen to an 80s cover band.

There are quite a few Timbre locations but we chose to go to The Art House. The bar sits right next to the Singapore River. The band plays outside under parlor umbrellas and twinkly lights. There is also an indoor portion of the bar, but it’s pretty empty. The bar sits by a restored building that used to house the Singapore parliament.

If you’re looking for a low key night out, Timbre is a great option. The bands are fun and engaging with the audience members and they’re all incredibly talented. You can make song recommendations by texting 8437-1568. We kept trying to get some good old country tunes (sorry, y’all, we’re from the South!) but were sadly rejected. I can only assume country is not very popular here haha!

There are a few Timbre locations. I went to Art House location (1 Old Parliament Lane). Timbre can also be found at Timbre @ The Substation, Timbre @ Gillman, Switch by Timbre, and Barber Shop by Timbre.

Check the calendar for the schedule of latest acts!

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