We All Scream for… eyescream

Singapore is becoming increasingly hipster and trendy. I’ve noticed a lot of new restaurants, dessert cafes, and coffee shops that are aiming to have a cool, fun vibe with their own special trademark.

We were recently walking around Orchard Road and had a craving for ice cream when we stumbled upon eyescream and friends. We’re suckers for gimmicky ideas so we thought we’d try it out. In our opinion, happy to have tried it, but not really worth the money…

The “standard” way to eat this is to order a gelato flavor (which will then become shaved ice) and pick two toppings. After the gelato is shaved, voila, they place sugary eyeballs on top of the gelato.

2017.02.27_Hipster SG (3).JPG

We thought the gelato would be mixed with the toppings or at least the toppings would be sprinkled on top of the gelato. In fact, the toppings come in a separate container and you do your own thing. Our watermelon gelato tasted like frozen watermelon syrup and to be honest there aren’t a ton of toppings – where’s my mochi?? It was fun to try this out, but likely will not return.

This Spanish-based shaved gelato is new to Singapore and definitely hit the hipster quotient:

✔️️ punny name
✔️️ kitsch element (the eyeballs)
✔️️ cutesy packaging (note the “i’m so cool” speech bubble)

Have you tried eyescream? What do you think?

eyescream and friends can be found in the basement of Wisma Atrium


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