Wanderlust Wednesdays: Geography Now!

I may be late to the game, but I learned about the YouTube channel Geography Now! this week. Have y’all seen these videos before?

Paul Barbato profiles every country, autonomous, and disputed region in the world. Each location has a dedicated episode where he covers the meaning of the flag, country’s language, history, culture, demographics, international relations, and more. The countries are profiled alphabetically and I’ve already gone through a few episodes. He packs an incredible amount of information into each 10 minute segment (segments may creep up to 20 minutes for countries with a more complicated history).

These videos may not spur you to add more countries to your bucket list, but it’s a fun and easy way to learn more about a country you may travel to in the future.

2017.02.22_Geography Now (2).PNG

A couple things I’ve learned so far:

  • In Albania, people shake their head to say “yes” and nod their head to say “no”
  • In Finland, if you get your PhD, you have the option of getting a sword and a top hat with your diploma
  • Melanasians in Fiji grow naturally blonde hair that darkens in shade as they age
  • Antigua and Barbuda renamed the highest peak in Antigua after Barack Obama even though he has only visited Barbuda and not Antigua

Happy learning!


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