Wild Honey: all day breakfast

As much as I love Hawker Center food, sometimes it’s nice to take a break and get some non-Singaporean food. I’ve been to Wild Honey a few times now and it never disappoints.

Wild Honey has all day breakfast from around the world. As you’re browsing the menu, each dish is named after the country of origin.  I recommend the Tunisian shakshouka because it’s a dish that I haven’t been able to taste anywhere else in Singapore. It’s a yummy baked dish in a tomato sauce. The European is a delicious! The eggs are poached perfectly and wrapped in prosciutto. I’ve also tried the Boulevard St Michel, which is a delicious savory French toast; it’s on the heavier side with cheese and mashed potato soufflé.

If you’re going for afternoon tea, the Brazilian bread is a good option if you’re looking for savory and light. I haven’t tried too many of the desserts but coconut cake is very fluffy. The cakes all seem like a great afternoon tea option because they’re not heavy or overly sweet. The slices are huge so prepare to share.

There’s usually a bit of a wait if you go in the afternoon, but their breakfast hours haven’t been overly busy. Totally worth the wait! I recommend waiting a little longer to take the outside seating.

Wild Honey has several locations but I have only been to the Orchard location on the third floor of Scotts Square (#03-01; 6 Scotts Rd).

The menu varies slightly by location – here’s the menu for Scotts Square


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