Trekking Henderson Waves & Hort Park

Despite its small size, Singapore has over 300 great walking trails and the city is peppered with as much greenery as skyscrapers. Last weekend, we spent the day walking around Henderson Waves and Hort Park.  This is a fun and breezy walk. There’s no hard core hiking but more of a casual walking trail.

We took an Uber to Hort Park and started at the Visitor Services Center at Hort Center. This building was a finalist for International Architecture Award. From Hort Center, you follow the greenery and will head towards the steel structures.

Walking on the steel called the Forest Walk. It’s a beautiful route and you get a view of both the city and the rich fauna.

As you make your way through the Forest Walk, it will bring you to Henderson Waves. It will look slightly like you’ve gone off the wrong path because you’re wandering around on a winding road where there may be cars driving around. Keep following the signs to Henderson Waves.

Henderson Waves is 30+ meters above ground is shaped like rolling waves. It’s a relaxing walk but also pretty impressive to see how the architects were able to bend steel and wood to look like ocean waves.  Apparently this is prime location for engagement photos around sunset but we didn’t run into any photo shoots here.




We kept walking from Henderson Waves and made our way to Mount Faber Park. Mount Faber Park is the second highest point in Singapore and you can take the cable cars to Sentosa Island from here. All of the hikes have a very urban feel while also being completely surrounded by greenery.


The Forest Walk and Henderson Waves is a part of the 10km trail also known as the Southern Ridges. This path links Mount Faber Park, Henderson Waves, Hort Park, Kent Ridge Park, and Labrador Nature Reserve. All of these parks are great as a standalone short walk or you can walk all the way through the 10 km if you’re feeling ambitious!  However, all of these walks are mostly paved paths; all pretty laid back walks.

Happy hiking!


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