Hong Kong Explorations: Penfold Park

My family is from Hong Kong and I come back at least once every year. Each time I come back, I realize how little I really know about my so-called hometown city. This time, I visited the newly renovated Penfold Park with my aunts.

Penfold Park is situated right in the middle of the Sha Tin Racecourse – what a unique way to repurpose a large outdoor space that has to be well maintained! The park was recently renovated and you can tell they’re still working on the greenery. The park consists of a few open paths and man-made ponds for various birds.

It’s a unique view because you look back from the middle of the park and can see the empty Jockey Club stands and the surrounding buildings. For pet lovers, this is a great dog-friendly park that’s very accessible by car or public transport. If I had a dog, I would definitely go to this park regularly. However, for folks looking for a casual walk around the park… Maybe wait until they finish developing the park.

To get to Penfold Park, you can take the MRT to Racecourse Station on the East Rail and walk across the pedestrian bridge. To enter the park, you’ll have to walk through an underpass that crosses under the actual race course.


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