Tossed Prosperity

Happy Chinese New Year! I hope everyone raked in their red packets! Having spent my first Chinese New Year in Singapore, I got to experience the “lo hei” or “yu sheng” phenomenon here in Singapore.

The dish is loosely called “Prosperity Toss” in English and is essentially a lucky and flavorful salad. There are a ton of different variations but here are some basic ingredients and its associated meaning:

  • Salmon sashimi or Abalone brings prosperity
  • Shredded carrots references approaching good luck
  • Shredded green radish symbolizes eternal youth
  • Shredded white radish represents professional advancement
  • Peanut crumbs meaning your house will be filled with silver and gold nuggets
  • Sesame seeds for successful business
  • Honey or plum sauce to ensure your life is sweet
  • Pepper attracts wealth
  • Limes or pomelos symbolizing smooth sailing for the year ahead
  • Drizzled oil encourages money to flow in from all directions
  • Crunchy crispies for more prosperity (because you can never have enough prosperity!)

Once all the ingredients have been placed, sprinkled, and poured on the dish, everyone picks up a pair of chopsticks to “lo” (mix) all the ingredients together. The higher the mix, the better!

Chinese New Year is a very auspicious holiday and you can never have enough luck or prosperity. During the first 3 days of the new year, we had “lo hei” three times!

Every ingredient is associated with a meaningful and lucky Chinese phrase, here’s a how-to video if you’re interested in seeing more! Fun fact: we did not know how to do this properly had had to watch the video for our first round.



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