Beijing is smog central… worth it?

You may not be able to tell but… That’s the Forbidden City behind us and we’re all smiling under our masks.

Beijing is a fascinating city: delectable Chinese delicacies, intriguing historical mysteries, and beautiful ancient and modern architectures. Just be warned of the smog and air pollution 😷

The smog in Beijing is created by factories, coal-burning, and vehicle exhaust. The smog is particularly bad in the winter, and you should always check the smog level before venturing outside.

Yes, the smog is terrible and we need to be cautious. But no, the smog is not debilitating. As a tourist, you simply need to be prepared. My parents live in Beijing year-round and have learned to deal with the circumstances. For example, on a day when the AQI exceeds 250, we didn’t leave the house until it was time for dinner. My parents always have their masks handy and keep the air purifier on.

2017.01.18_Beijing Smog.PNG
view from inside the apartment: the apocalypse is coming!

Smog central and all, Beijing is a lot of fun, and definitely worth the trip.


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